Muzzle Loading Precision Competitions with the BPC


Except for Championship meetings, for each muzzleloading entry fee paid two 10 from 13 series may be shot but the first series shot, in each category, counts towards the competition for that BPC weekend. All subsequent series in the same category are for practise and/or standards medals. There is no limit on the number of entries that may be made but please bear in mind that the after 11am Winans Range is usually reserved for air pistols.

General Shooting and Safety Rules

Pistols to be fired using one hand only and without support from the other hand, arm or any external object or any special clothing. Rifle Shooting jackets, trousers, boots or clothing designed to offer support for a shooter are not permitted.

Trigger weight is not tested but any pistol deemed unsafe by the range officer shall be made safe or withdrawn from use at BPC competitions until the problem has been corrected.

All competitors are required to wear hearing protection and are encouraged to wear shooting or other safety glasses.

PL7 targets will be used for 25m and 50m events.

The time for each match will be 30 minutes.

Loading not to commence until the command to "Start" and no shot to be fired after the command to "Cease Fire". Any pistol loaded when the "Cease Fire" command has been given is to be made safe in accordance with the instructions of the range officer, who may request the pistol be deprimed or fired into the bank or such other measures as the range officer shall deem appropriate to the situation.

Following the command to "Start" one fouling shot may be fired into the bank after the shooter has declared "Fouling Shot" loud enough to be heard by other competitors and range staff.

Up to 13 shots (not including the fouling shot) may be fired within the permitted time of 30 minutes.

The targets to be brought back to the firing point for scoring and checking. Please mark all shot cards with competitors name, pistol used, match category and date/time of match.

The best 10 shots to be scored.

In any competition where Black Powder is required, for the BPC matches, Pyrodex or Triple Seven may be used in modern/replica pistols with the permission of the range officer.

Match Categories

Black Powder Percussion Pistol
Single Shot original or replica percussion pistol in the spirit of original. MLAGB scoring.

Black Powder Flintlock Pistol
Single shot smooth bore original or replica flintlock pistol in the spirit of original. MLAGB scoring.

Black Powder Percussion Revolver
Original or replica percussion pistol in the spirit of original. MLAGB scoring. Fixed sights only. (Adjustable Target sights not permitted in this category).

Free Pistol
25m and when range facilities permit 50m events. Any muzzle loading pistol, single shot or revolver, any iron sights, any grip, any propellant powder. Shotgun primers and nitro based powders are permitted in this event.
UIT gauging to .38 or .45 for calibre’s up to and in excess of .38 respectively.